Section I : Transport, Storage and Communications
Division 64 : Post and Telecommunications
Group Class Sub - Class Description
641     Post and courier activities
  6411 64110 National post activities [ Postal savings activities and other financial activities carried out in combination with postal activity is classified in the relevant class under financial inter mediation provided such activities are predominant for the concerned establishment.]
  6412 64120 Courier activities other than national post activities
642 6420   Telecommunications [Production of radio and television programmes, whether or not combined with broadcasting, is classified under class 9213.
    64201 Provision of basic telecom services: telephone, telex and telegraph (includes the activities of STD/ISD booths
    64202 Provision of value added telecom services: paging, e-mail, cellular phone, video conferencing, internet (service directly purchased from internet service providers) etc
    64203 Maintenance of telecom network
    64204 Activities of the cable operators
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