Section F : Construction
Division 45 : Construction
Group Class Sub - Class Description
451 4510   Site preparation
    45101 Site preparation in connection with mining [Includes work performed to develop or prepare mineral properties, except oil and gas sites
    45102 Site preparation other than in connection with mining
452 4520   Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering
    45201 General construction (including alteration, addition, repair and maintenance) of residential buildings, carried–out on own-account basis or on a fee or contract basis.
    45202 General construction (including alteration, addition, repair and maintenance) of non-residential buildings, carried–out on own-account basis or on a fee or contract basis
    45203 Construction and maintenance of roads, rail-beds, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, rope-ways, ports, harbours and runways etc.
    45204 Construction/erection and maintenance of power, telecommunication and transmission lines
    45205 Construction and maintenance of waterways and water reservoirs
    45206 Construction and maintenance of hydro-electric projects
    45207 Construction and maintenance of power plants, other than hydro-electric powerplants
    45208 Construction and maintenance of industrial plants other than power plants
    45209 Construction n.e.c. including special trade construction [includes construction and maintenance of sports stadia and other construction not elsewhere classified and special trade construction such as foundation work, water well drilling scaffolding etc. carried out on a fee or contract basis.
453 4530   Building installation [ These activities are usually performed at the site of construction, although parts of the job may be carried out in a special shop. Repair of installations are also included in the corresponding sub-classes.]
    45301 Plumbing and drainage
    45302 Installation of heating and air-conditioning systems, antennas, elevators and escalators; insulation work (water, heat, sound); and sound proofing systems.
    45303 Electrical installation work for constructions
    45309 Other building installation n.e.c. [Includes industrial process piping work, installation of illumination and signaling systems for roads, railways, airports, harbors etc. and installation of certain plants such as electric power and transformer plants, telecommunication plants and radar plants etc.
454 4540   Building completion [ Includes activities that contribute to the completion or finishing of a construction. Repairs of the same type are also included in the corresponding sub-classes]
    45401 Setting of wall and floor tiles or covering with other materials like parquet, carpets, wall paper etc
    45402 Glazing, plastering, painting and decorating, floor sanding and other similar finishing work
    45403 Finish carpentry such as fixing of doors, windows, panels etc. and other building finishing work n.e.c.
455 4550 45500 Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator [Renting of machinery and equipment without operator is classified under Division 71]
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